Suppliers of Quality Electronics & LED Products

 At Lazer, we try our best to find excellent products and parts for the best prices. 

From the beginning's of a hobby in Electronics, we now produce products in Shenzhen, Suzhou,

Chaozhou and others, just to name a few. 

We bring in New Parts from companies like,

NXP, On Semi, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Nichia, Citizen.

There are also many parts from 'end of production' runs OS, and from production offcuts here.

As these products ARE NEW, we strip them down, otherwise, they would end up in landfills,

Not acceptable for high-quality, brand new components! 

I have done this, to offer hobbyists, great components, to keep costs down, 

as well as being environmentally friendlier,

 We only supply into Australia to support Australian customers and business'

We use AUS Post for deliveries.